If you are a hands-on homeowner, chances are you will not think twice about tinkering with your electrical system in the event that its starts to go on the fritz. In this digital general, anything can be looked up online from simple repairs to major projects. However, this is not the advisable route to take when you are experiencing electrical problems. Not only do you put yourself at risk of injury, but you could also aggravate the problem and end up making your entire electrical system malfunction. Here are some of the signs that you need to enlist the services of an emergency electrician rather than trying to fix the problem on your own. 

Wall outlets emitting sparks

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there is a lot electric current surging through your wall outlets. However, this does not mean sparking is a natural occurrence. If you are plugging or unplugging an appliance and visibly see sparks, then you need to turn off that outlet and desist using it until an emergency electrician has taken a look at it. Sparking can be caused from something as minor as a loose wire or could be caused by more major issues such as frayed wires that are still transmitting electrical currents. 

Circuit breakers that keep tripping 

Another reason why you may need an emergency electrician is circuit breakers that are constantly tripping. Circuit breakers work toward stopping the power supply due to an electrical surge. As such, it is normal for them to trip once in a while, as this is their job. However, if your circuit breakers are constantly tripping then it means you are experiencing excessive surges, which could potentially fry the electrical appliances in your home. For example, if you notice you cannot use two appliances simultaneously, such as your microwave and blender, without your circuit breaker tripping, then you need to have an emergency electrician come determine the cause for the overload and remedy it. 

Rusting on electrical outlets and appliances

Rusting is a sure sign that there is moisture collecting around your electrical outlets. This is a cause for concern for two reasons. For one, the emergency electrician needs to establish where the moisture is coming from and put a stop to it. Secondly, the rust will eventually deteriorate your outlets and this could lead to a complete malfunction of your electrical system. The sooner this is addressed the better as this could save you exorbitant amount of money spent on replacing your electrical system.