Like most people, you probably have large pieces of equipment in your house that you basically rely on to get you through the day. Air conditioner systems, refrigerators, dryers and washers are running pretty much all the time in your house. When these appliances fail, they will cause a great deal of inconvenience. This is why it is extremely important that you understand how to keep the items in pristine condition so as to enjoy them when they are needed the most.


If kept in great condition, refrigerators generally last a little over a decade. The simplest way to keep it in this condition is to know the basic signs of tear and wear. If you notice a sudden, loud sound resembling a rumble whenever the fridge is trying to cool down your food, call a specialised technician. An appliance repair is most likely needed in this case.

In addition to restoring your fridge to its initial condition, the technician will also inspect the engine as well as other pieces of the fridge to make sure they are all running the way they should. Ultimately, this means that your fridge will last longer before needing another repair.

Dryer and Washer

If you notice that your washer suddenly starts shaking a lot when washing your clothes, or if the clothes keep coming off dirty and you need to rinse them again, then it's time for you to look into repair options. Your washer's drum may have become off-centre or perhaps the unit has become clogged with socks or other small pieces of clothing. Get a technician to inspect your washer as soon as possible so as not to have it break down completely.

On the other hand, the signs of your dryer no longer functioning properly involve not being able to dry the clothes within a single cycle, or the lint trap can become clogged. Additionally, the dryer's ventilation hose can become crimped, which can cause permanent damage to the dryer if not fixed immediately. A quick investigation from your technician can tell you what's actually wrong with your appliance.

Air Conditioning System

During a hot summer day, you probably don't want to come home to your air conditioner blowing even warmer air into your rooms. In this sense, make sure to replace your air conditioner's freon at least once per year to ensure that it's working properly. If you notice that ice forms around the air conditioner's vents, that is a classic sign of a freon leak and you need to get a technician there immediately to fix it.