You may very well need a commercial electrician to come to your home on occasion if wires have burnt out or need upgrading and replacing. However, it's not uncommon for homeowners to assume that their home has an electrical problem that needs the services of an electrician when in truth, there may be only a few simple fixes that are needed. Note a few things to consider before you call a commercial electrician to your home for these common electrical problems.

1. When bulbs continuously burn out quicker than they should

Light bulbs will usually have a lifespan expectancy on the package, but if you notice that certain bulbs seem to burn out much quicker than they should, it may simply be that you're using too high of a wattage for a certain device. The higher the watts of a bulb, the warmer it typically becomes when in use. This heat may not seem like much to you, but in a metal lamp or fixture of some sort, the heat can easily build up, and, in turn, the lifespan of the bulb is shortened. Note the recommended wattage for lamps and light fixtures and downgrade before you call an electrician.

2. When the bathroom outlet keeps malfunctioning

Outlets in any area with potential water exposure such as a kitchen or bathroom will have an additional circuit interrupter built in; you may notice a red and black button in the middle of these outlets. If your hair dryer or other device never works when plugged into these outlets, press the red button to reset it as it may have simply switched off due to a fault. If it happens continuously, rather than calling an electrician, consider using other outlets when you want to use more than one electrical appliance at a time so you don't keep tripping this additional interrupter.

3. The lights blink when the air conditioner comes on

This is actually quite normal as the compressor in the air conditioner needs a sudden surge of power that may be taken away from the lights. This voltage drop is just momentary, which is why the lights just flicker or blink rather than going out and staying out. It typically does not mean you should call a commercial electrician, but if the problem is very bothersome, you might have such a professional inspect the wiring and consider putting the air conditioner on a different circuit than the bulbs.