Everyone likes to chill out in front of the TV now and again but what do you do if your favourite program is ruined by a poor signal? Below is a brief guide to the most common antenna faults, which will help you to diagnose the cause of the problem

Broken Antenna Cable

Poor TV reception is often caused by a broken digital antenna cable. Over time, the outer jacket on the cabling can deteriorate which leaves the cable exposed to water and debris. This weakens the cable's ability to carry the TV signal. If you notice that your TV reception gets noticeably worse during rainstorms, it is likely this is the cause of the problem.

Faulty Antenna Outlet

If the cabling is fine, the next thing you need to take a look at is the antenna outlet in your home. The connector which is inside the outlet may have become loose, causing problems with your reception. You should inspect the outlet and ensure that the connector is not loose.

Broken Fly Lead

The fly lead is the cable you plug into the back of your TV, with the other end connected to the antenna outlet. The wire inside a fly lead can become damaged if the lead becomes twisted or bent. If when you wiggle the fly lead the signal improves again it is highly likely that this is the problem. Simply replace your fly lead and you will soon be watching your favourite TV shows again.

Antenna is Facing in the Wrong Direction

The direction your digital antenna is facing can have a big impact on the quality of your TV reception. Strong winds can cause your antenna to move position, changing the direction it is pointing in. Ideally, the antenna should be pointed towards the nearest TV broadcasting mast and away from anything that might impair the signal reception. If your antenna is facing in the wrong direction, you will need to call a TV antenna repair service. These professionals are trained to work at height and should easily be able to calculate the correct direction and adjust your antenna.

Antenna Needs an Upgrade

Increasing numbers of TV networks are making the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. If your antenna is quite old, it might not be able to effectively receive digital signals. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade your antenna by contacting a specialist in digital antenna installations.

 If you need help fixing problems with your digital antenna, you should contact an antenna repair service for advice and assistance.