It is almost becoming a common find in every home that several devices are always left plugged in the power outlet. Televisions, computers, and several other systems have almost left us helpless when it comes to the notion that devices should be unplugged when not in use. The real danger of leaving devices plugged comes from power surges. Power surges are the main cause of many electrical problems, requiring electrical services in your homes. The more frequent your devices are subjected to power surges, the faster several components of the system burn out. In fact, if your home bulbs don't often last as long as they should, your home probably experiences multiple power surges. Many people don't know that sometimes the various devices used in your home are the main cause of power surges within your electrical system. Large motor appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and compressors often cause several mini-power surges whenever they are turned on and off. So, if your home constantly requires the television, telephone, or a printer plugged in at all times, here are the electrical services you need to protect such devices.

Point-of-use surge protection

This is the most common type of surge protector that can be used at home. As the name suggests, this surge protector is connected directly at the point of use. Computers have certainly made these popular, but they can also be used with several devices such as televisions and telephones. When purchasing point-of-use surge protectors from your electrical services store, enquire about the rating and ensure that the device is sufficient for use with whichever point you want to install it. You will want to know, for instance, what level of protection it offers against power surges, the reaction time, and the clamping voltage. Also ensure that the protector has considerable warning lights that will be useful for visual confirmations.

Whole house surge protection

In the case of protecting your entire home's electrical systems from power surges and spikes, a whole house surge suppressor is what you need. Whole house surge suppressors are installed between the main power circuit and the distribution system within your home. The suppressor ensures that power drawn from the main lines is regulated before travelling to any devices connected to the system. Whole house surge suppression is not an easy DIY job. You may require professional electrical services for a successful installation. Once again the installer has to check the rating of the suppressor in comparison to your main panel rating to confirm applicability. In many homes, whole house surge suppression is combined with point-of-use surge protectors as a guarantee on individual devices.