Intercom systems provide a convenient communication channel in both homes and businesses. They can be used as both security assets (with which you can establish the identity of a visitor before letting them in) and communication channels. Regardless of your specific usage, there are certain features that will make your intercom system much more productive after installation. When looking for a new intercom system, make sure it has the following important features.

Smart features for mobile control

The usual intercom system may not be convenient enough for you to communicate with others while securing your premises. To solve this challenge, look for smart features that are integrated into the intercom system. You should be able to control the setup via a mobile application on your smartphone or another similar device.

Some basic functions you should look for include the ability to unlock doors remotely, turning alarms on or off even when you're away, and adjusting the security settings of the system right from your mobile application.

Video integration for additional security

You should also look for intercom systems that have IP camera feeds. These integrated cameras can provide images of people who approach your premises. By seeing who's knocking on your door before you open, you can exercise greater caution in your home or business. Additionally, video integration allows you to video chat with others in real time, even when you're not at home.

Intrusion detection

Perhaps the most important security feature you should look out for is intrusion detection. The intercom system should be able to trigger an alarm if someone is trying to forcefully gain entry into your premises. And if you also have a smart system, the alarm can be sent directly to your phone so you can get an immediate notification of any risks to your premises. Intrusion detection enables you to respond in good time to an active threat, either by contacting local authorities or scaring away a burglar due to the loud noises of your alarm.

Home safety features

To make your intercom system even more useful, consider features that integrate with other parts of your home or business. For example, some intercoms can pick up signals from your smoke detectors if a fire is breaking out on your property. The system can send this alarm to your mobile phone and alert you of a fire before it spreads. This safety feature prevents costly damages that would otherwise occur without your knowledge.

Ability to store contacts and send messages

Your intercom should also be able to store important contact information in case of an emergency. For example, if an alarm is triggered, the intercom can send automatic notifications to the contacts you specify so they can initiate a swift response.

For more information about security systems for your home or business, contact security system specialists.